Friday, August 29, 2008

School is in Session

Parker- Kindergarten

Megan-1st grade

Ashley-4th grade

The first week of school has successfully come and gone. Ashley came home on the first day and was horrified with the fact that she had to do work on the first day! "I had to do mathmatics! Can you believe it?" she said. "Yes, I can. You are in 4th grade! Get ready for loads of homework!" (I may have scared her!:)) Megan was thrilled with the first day. She's been waiting for weeks for school to start! Parker asks me everyday when he gets to go. Kindergartners have testing the first week so he FINALLY gets to start on Tuesday next week.

Well, Jeff and I are off to Alaska tomorrow for a week. I'm really excited, but a bit sad to leave the kids. I'm sure they'll be fine and not think twice about us not being around. We miss Parker's first official day of school and both Megan and Parker's first soccer game. I hope they forgive us. I hope CJ sleeps through the night for Natalie and that the kids behave! Thanks for everyone's help! Love you guys.

Farewell to Summer

The week before school was packed with some last minute fun! The kids and I went to the Roy pool with The Howes, Allens, the Hess Family, and Amber came with the boys. Thanks all of you, that was a lot of fun. We also decided to take a last minute trip up to Pineview on friday for most likely the last time of the year. The second the sun went down we were shivering! Then Saturday, Randall and Sara invited us over for a little BBQ and swim before school started on Monday. The food was fantastic! Thanks for letting me come even though Jeff didn't show up until everyone went home. Jeff finally got the motorcross track open that weekend. (detailed post to come, eventually...)

This summer was so fun! I can't believe that it's over already. I'm looking forward to a change of seasons and having a bit of order around here. The holidays are fast approaching, get ready!!

Under Construction!!

So, I'm feeling pretty good about myself. I'm getting, but I can still play!! So, last friday Parker goes outside to get the milk out of the cooler on the front porch and finds that someone has left us a little gift on the front porch. There were a couple of orange barrels, 2 cones, and a baricade along with some caution tape so lovingly placed on the front porch. I knew right away which house in the neighborhood was to blame (any guesses,anyone??), it was just a matter of finding out what individual it was. I took the baricade and barrels over to their house and put them behind their car,(just returning them you know!) and minutes later Jr. throws them back in my yard. I know who the colprit is now...

So, later that night I just can't get my mind off getting back at him just a bit. Jeff of course doesn't want to have a part in it. So, I just do it by myself. (Amber didn't help at all!!) I actually call "Mama W." to get her blessing because they were having some family time at Lagoon (it's what fun is!!). I figured if I got permission then if there was retaliation it wouldn't be so bad...(I was wrong, sounds like it might be a family affair after all!) I only had an hour. Jeff had a new roll of caution tape in the garage and there has been some recent road work in the area so there was plenty of cones around (those things are pretty heavy! got a work out though!) I didn't call Amber and she didn't come and assist (she didn't do most the heavy labor gathering cones). I'm sure she was just at her house, minding her own business like reading a book or something. I on the other hand had a fun time, just on my own without Amber of course!! I also wrapped his bed in caution tape, fun, fun!! I used almost the whole roll of tape.
Here is how the room ended up!

Well, I thought they might retaliate as soon as they got home, but thank goodness they were totally exhausted from their long day of playing. Now, they are just loving tormenting me with idea of retaliation. Honestly, I am afraid. Cam and Nat are the biggest pranksters and I've always made an effort to stay clear. All I did was rightfully return what was left at my house and all of the sudden there is a hit out on me (so to speak). I have just come to terms with the fact that I'm in big trouble and look forward to what is to come!!

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Night at Red Butte with KT (and Amber)

There was a fun time had here at the Red Butte Gardens! After the great AI concert months back, Amber asked if I was interested in another little evening out for KT Tunstall. It sounded like a fun time so I jumped on the wagon!! It was just the two of us again, (we started feeling a little self-conscience that no one else wanted to hang with us again, but tried to push it out of our minds and not take it personal! :)) ANYHOW...

The concert was great! KT was so entertaining and had a great personality. I loved to here her talk being scottish and all and some of the things she said were hilarious! One of my favorites was that she had to ask her tour manager if they were really performing at Red Butt Gardens as in your backside, booty, or toushy. I was seriously loving her rocking out on like four different guitars, I though that was awesome. The venue was awesome being outside. Amber and I snuck to the front and settled in around many large groups of concert goers!


Here's us, when we started to get cold we cuddled! We fit right in with the other fans of KT, nobody even stared!

I have to say that my favorite was one of her band members, who was I swear straight out of the 70's. He had on 100% polyester, the big brown belt, and to top it off the stand alone mustache. I sure enjoyed watching him. I even more enjoyed watching her token hottie guitar guy who unfortunately was on the other side of the stage. I couldn't get a good picture of him, so that's a bit of a bummer.


Other fun highlights: *watching two drunk chicks fight, because one kept getting in the others view of KT.
*watching the drunk girls dancing in the front. Do they dance like that sober???
*trying not to stare at the couples who were cuddling, mostly because they were of the same sex.

I had a great time! Amber thanks for the invites, we'll definitely have to get to some more!! love ya!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Ok, so I'm a bit peaved right now. I finally have a bit of time to sit at the computer all by myself and it's bliss. So I think, "What a fantastic time to download pictures from last week and blog a bit about the fun, busy week the kids and me had." But for some reason and no reason I can figure out, the pictures won't download! I'm dying people!! I finally decide to get on top of things a little better and then I'm cursed. NO PICTURES! Who will read a blog without pictures? I can't write worth crap and it's the pictures that people come for! Oh well, what to do? Sorry, my friends...maybe I'll have better luck later, tomorrow, next week. I'll see what I can do!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fish Lake 2008

The Harris Family has an awesome tradition that has been passed down through generations of spending time during the summer at Fish Lake, Utah. Fish Lake is beautiful, I swear this is what heaven will look like. We have many wonderful memories that we have made in our own little family in the last 4 or so years that we have starting going there and I know that we will make plenty more. Harris Family...I love you and am so grateful you have shared this with me!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cousin's Visit/Trip to Lagoon

I was so excited to get an email from Mindy telling me that she and her family were going to be heading out to Utah for a visit. We were even more excited to be able to have them stay with us. One day (this was July 22nd of course, because I obviously can't stay on top of blogging recent pictures!) we decided to take all of the kids over to Lagoon (minus CJ, thank goodness) for some good 'ol fashion fun!! Bill was a good sport coming with us. Jeff had to work (plus he hates the place), so he was the lone male adult hanging with us. I think he even had fun though! It was so freaking hot though! Thank goodness for the water rides or we would have never survived. We actually played until they kicked us out at 10pm! (So, when did Lagoon start closing their doors at 10pm? In my younger years (ha!) I could have sworn they were there til midnight!!) Anyway here are some pics of the day!!

Sammy totally cracks me up! He found a feather off the ground and was being pretty silly!

Always have to get a cheeser pose with my sis!
What posers!!! :)ha.

This was Ashley's first time on the Colossus! I was so impressed, she was scared but tuffed it out and loved it! She wanted to find Meg and Will and go with them too! Parker was pretty ticked because he wanted to be with us, but he was too short. Maybe next year bud!

This is Meg and Will before their first time. They were pretty pumped and weren't going to let Ashley show them up!! Meg and I ended up in the very back and we definitely got tossed around a bit. She thought one time was good enough for her. She hit her head on the side of her seat so she had a nice headache for a bit, but she still wanted to go on Wicked.

We all voted and this was by far the favorite of the day/night! I couldn't believe how brave Ashley, Meg, and Will were! It was a scary ride, but it was a total blast! They had so much fun that we did it twice! By the time we did Wicked again, it was 10pm and we got hearded out of the park with everyone else. We had a fantastic time! We miss you guys!!!