Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nothing Happening

Well, ok. There obviously has had to have been some stuff happening around here in seven months. I just need to be honest and let you know that I have been just way too lazy to post anything new. I really need to step it up a notch and with summer vacation coming in a few short days, I will try to do better.

The last couple months have been non stop with softball for both Megan and Ashley. Meg's final game was last night and Ashley's is on thursday, but then Ashley is trying out for Allstar's again this year and will be pretty surprised if she doesn't end up on the roster. She has been doing so awesome this season. It has been really fun to watch her games. Megan has done great as well. I was pretty bummed because at one of her first games, she got nailed in the face with the ball and ended up with a huge, fat, bleeding lip for a few days and also caused her to become very timid around the ball, understandably so. I actually begged her to let me take a picture of it, but she wouldn't let me. :D She is a trooper though and ended up playing really well and hitting like a pro!

Parks decided that he wasn't interested in playing baseball this year and secretly I was thrilled. I don't know how we would have managed with him playing ball and Ashley and Meg's schedule too. The girls both had two games a week, so we weren't home much anyway. He is still loving racing his bmx bike and is thrilled that the outdoors are starting up, so he'll be racing shortly.

CJ of course is the life of the party around these parts. He loves his siblings and likes to follow them wherever they go and wants to do whatever they do to. CJ is LOVING baseball. He is out hitting the ball anytime he has a chance. He can actually hit the ball when it's tossed to him. Hopefully, he'll make us millions! haha!

Summer is coming! The kid's last day of school is on friday and I'm looking forward to them being around for a bit.