Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring is Coming, the Chaos begins!

I know, I'm pathetic. I really need to step it up a notch and post a little more often.

Life has been a little crazy at the Harris Home the past little while. I am in total shock that April is already gone and here we are in May. Jeff is busy AGAIN on a new venture. He parted ways with SLMX a few months ago (for the good)and had another opportunity arise to open a track in Delta, UT. It was a track that has been around for a long time and has a fantastic reputation. The owners of the track closed it down a year or so ago, because it was just too much for them. Well, to make a long story short, Jeff and a friend of his are now running the show down there and will also be starting a racing series there for the summer. I haven't seen Jeff much this last month with him trying to get the track up and running, but I'm really excited for him. So, far things are looking really good. They opened last Sunday and yesterday and the response has been great. The riders seem to be pretty excited about it, so hopefully the race series goes off without a hitch! I'm sure that will be our second home for the next 6 or 7 months, woohoo...Delta.

Ashley started softball a few weeks ago and seems to be enjoying it. She is playing kid pitch, so so far the games have been a little interesting. I'm really impressed at how quickly she can pick things up. I just hope that she doesn't get disappointed because most of her team is new and the other teams she is playing seem to have all played together for a couple of years now. I will get some pictures posted as soon as I'm on top of it enough to remember to take the camera to the games!

Parker also started baseball and is having a blast. It is his first year in machine pitch. He should be playing tball one more year, but by his request we moved him up a year, so he is playing with first and second graders. He's the youngest on the team, but is definitely holding his own, I'm really proud of him. He also loves that some of the boys that are on his team are also friends of his from the neighborhood and church. Again, I will get pictures posted someday! :D

Thank goodness that Megan is only playing the piano right now or I might have already been hospitalized for a nervous breakdown due to the crazy schedule that the other two have. For example, next week Parker has 3 games and Ashley has one and a practice and with Jeff out of town, that is cause for some crazy times, wouldn't ya say? haha.

Life is good!