Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Las Vegas Baby!

Ok. So, I guess I need to back up about a week, before the surfing jaunt. Before Jeff and I headed over here to Maui, we took the kids to Vegas for a few days before they went to spend the week at Aunt Kim's in Gunlock. We had a free room at Balley's for 3 days, so Jeff and I thought it would be fun to take them there for a minivacation and just hang at the pool and maybe do some other random things.

It was fun, but stressful. I don't think Las Vegas (the strip) is an ideal location for a minivaca for small children. We decided it was a little too stressful for our liking. We did have a good time playing at the pool and the older kids really had fun with dad when he took them to M&M world while CJ and I stayed back in the room. In the future, we decided we will stick to a more kid friendly location that does not include naked women trading cards and scantily dressed men and women on cars, trucks, and bill boards.


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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hang 10 Baby!!!


So, I found my calling in life. It maybe took almost 33 years, but I found it. I was supposed to be a surfer chick. I could have been famous, I could have graced the cover all those surfer magazines. Blue Crush could have been my story. I could have...

Joel, Julie, Jeff and I decided to take surf lessons yesterday and I had a riot!! I was nervous, very nervous to do the lessons. I didn't want to screw up or make a fool of myself out in the water, I just didn't think I could like it as much as I did. We got a little instruction on the beach, maybe 5 minutes...where to stand on the board, how to get from laying on the board to standing up, and how to steer the board so you don't run into everyone else out there in the water. And then we were headed to the water. Rento (our instructor) of course yells to me, "C'mon Tami, you're up!" My brain went completely blank for a moment, I didn't think I would remember a thing he told me. We paddle out to the breaks and I turn around and he tells me to "Go". I got up on my first try and it was so fun!! It's really amazing at how small the waves need to be in order to push you in (obviously, you can tell by the picture), but it was awesome! I could ride the big ones, I just know it! I must have been a surfer in another life, I rock!!




Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Championship of the World!!


So, there it is my friends! The trophy that was won in the Championship of all Championships...at least for Parker (and maybe Jeff and me for a moment!)

Parker decided he didn't want to play T-ball this year, he wanted to play with someone pitching to him, "I just don't want to be bored!" were his words, so we played him up a year. He played his first year in the Pinto League and had a blast. He had quite a few buddies from the neighborhood that he already knew and a coach that had more determination than anyone I have ever met to this point, to make these boys winners!! The beginning of the season brought us many days of rain and even a few days of snow, but two practices a week, two hours a day, were never cancelled just moved to covered locations. (Mind you, 6,7, & 8 yr olds)Age didn't matter...they were anxious to play!

The opening of the season came and those boys played their little hearts out! They did a fantastic job, but finished up with three losses in the end. Tournament time came and those boys were driven (the coach a little more, but that's good right?), they wanted one of the trophies they had to earn! The night of the first game and we were caught in a torential downpour, they called the game...postponed to the next night, Coach was not happy (thank goodness for the thunder/lightning). Anyway, rained again thursday, no game. Friday comes and we have to play two games to make up for the rain. It was so fun!! The boys played awesome! Game 2 against one of the top teams that we had lost to in regular season was a total NAIL BITER! The boys were on FIRE!! All of them were hitting and fielding, the boys from the other team were doing a fantastic job as well. It was really an intense game! Everyone was on their feet cheering and going crazy. The Reds won it!! Not the Championship of the World, yet! That game was on Monday!! I do have to say, it was pretty hard watching the boys on the other team deal with the loss! Heart breaking actually.

Monday comes and the boys are ready. There are a double header, if they won game one, they were heading to the CHAMPIONSHIP!! They had their supporters there, mostly everyone in red cheering them on! They did great, the other team did great! They lost to them as well in the regular season, so they had to redeem themselves, and that they did! It was close, really close! They won though 2-1. On to the BIG ONE!!

So, I had to leave half way through the game. Ashley had a make up game from a tournament that she played in Saturday, that got rained out half way through. I wasn't able to get anymore pictures and I guess I missed some GOOD baseball. The boys were on FIRE, but the other team was definitely trying to put it out. The first couple innings nothing got past our team, they were hitting and bringing in runs, when they were outfield they were catching the ball and fielding it like Pros! I left and I believe we were up by four. I guess at that point, the other team was not ready to give up! They rallied and brought the score within one. In the end the Reds squeezed out the victory! The Championship of all Championships! The Davis County Pinto League Champions! What a fun, fun, season! Not only did Parker's coach Justin, put so much time into the boys, but quite a few of the other dads were there to help at the practices AND the games! It was really fun getting to know some new friends (for me too! :D) and getting to know others better!!

Although Parker was the youngest on the team, he did really well at holding his own. He made some great plays and got hits at most of his games. I'm really proud of the job he did. He learned alot and is excited to play next year! I think mostly because he wants a bat bag, a new mit, and new bat. Whatever the reason, I'm excited to see him play next year!

Just had to post this picture, too cute not to! These were the "heavy hitters", just there in case the team needed them!

Friday, June 5, 2009


I decided to treat myself to a couple (half a package to be exact! :D) of oreos, but CJ made it clear to me that I shouldn't be the only one to enjoy the treat. He happily took the cookie and started munching on it until he saw me dunking and then wouldn't leave me alone until I let him dip his cookie in my milk. That did it!! For every bite there was a dunk, and all I have to say is, it was definitely worth the mess!


Can you believe it? Two postings in one day. I just had to share though.

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Crazy Hair Day!

Last week the kids had spirit week at school. On one of the days, it was crazy hair day. When they were getting ready to walk out the door, I saw my camera and realized that I really needed to use it more often and get back on the blogging wagon. This was a perfect opportunity! The whole weekend before, Parker was telling me that he wanted to wear underwear on his head for crazy hair day, but chickened out the morning of, I have to say that I'm a little glad he gave THAT idea up! :D

So, today is the last day of school for the kids. It will kind of interesting to see what kind of summer is in store for us with Ashley making the Allstar softball team and Jeff running his track in Delta. I was kind of hoping for a little bit of relaxation, so let's see if that happens! Hopefully, I can be a little more productive with the camera and post a little more often about what we are up to!
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