Sunday, July 27, 2008

Like Father...Like Son!

So, if any of you know Jeff, you know that he is a bit addicted to the thrill of riding motorcycles. He began this addiction a little over six years ago. I don't know the exact date, however I do know that it all started the day after I told him I was pregnant with Parker. That was the day he bought his first motorcycle. I remember he brought it home one evening and spent hours out in the garage that night with it. I knew I was in trouble, forget having to compete with another woman for my husband's attention. I was going to have to compete with a motorcycle???!!! I have to admit, I hated everything thing about that bike. I hated that he loved riding so much. I hated that if he had any free time, he would just want to ride for awhile. I hated that he was making new friends at the track. I hated that he ate and drank anything involved with it. I actually think I hated him for awhile. I began to resent him and the bike and I was angry. One day (maybe a year or two or three down the road), to make a long story short and leaving out gory details, I came to terms with it. I actually asked him if the kids and I could join him at the track one day. He was thrilled! He had asked in the past and I always came up with an excuse not to go, blamed it on the kids, the house not being cleaned, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I actually had a good time and the kids loved it! We got dirty and hot, but had a blast. What was even more thrilling to me, was to see Jeff so excited that his family was with him, that I was there with him. From then on, we have integrated this crazy sport into our lives. We have had some fun times!! Jeff and I have traveled to different states to some of the Supercross races. We've spent weekends camping so Jeff could race in some of the local races. And with all of that, Parker has become a bit addicted to the sport. Jeff picked up a couple of 50's (the small motos) in the past hoping maybe the girls would ride. They did for a little bit, but got bored. Parker on the other hand, loved being around the bikes since he was little. They never scared him. He loved to get rides with Jeff on his and when he was big enough to ride one himself, he was ecstatic. Last summer we took the training wheels off for him because he was actually tall enough to touch the ground with his feet. He got on the bike and has been loving it since. He's been getting to go to the track with Jeff a little bit this summer and he loves it. I just dread the day when he asks to race for the first time!!

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Long live American Idol!!

Ok, so you laugh in my face or talk about me behind my back, but I will not deny that I had a fantastic time at the American Idol concert that came to town a few weeks ago.

It all started a few months ago after the AI finale on TV. I have to admit that I was completely hooked this season. It seems that in the past we (Jeff, me and sometimes the kids) really have a good time watching the show, especially during the tryouts when you have the crazys just wanting to be on tv. I have to say, we are entertained. Usually though, we tend to fizzle out through the competition. We forget to turn on the TV or we just have other things to do. We don't really care if we miss some episodes and usually just tune in the night of the finale. But, THIS year...much different. I was hooked. I had to watch it every week. If I missed it, you better believe I had it recorded. (Who ever invented Tivo, I love you!!) You should have seen the night Megan accidently stopped the recording and I missed it! ( Have you ever seen a 31 year old woman throw a temper tantrum? I admit, not pretty! Megan forgave me though :)) When Michael Johns was voted off, I was in shock! I was devastated! He not only had a beautiful voice, but oh the eye candy!! Anyway...long story, short, still enjoyed watching it faithfully every week, but after the finale I decided I would have to venture to the summer concert they put on every year. I didn't even care if I went alone.

Luckily, one day I was talking with a couple of friends about it and realized I wasn't the only one set on heading to the concert. Amber was in!! I was excited. The bummer part about it was we had to wait like a couple of months before it came to SLC. As is got closer, we would drop a text every now and then just reminding the other that it was sneaking up on us.

Finally the day came! I was actually a bit nervous thinking that I may have wasted some good money. Was the concert going to be dumb? Were they just going to do group song and dance like they did on the show? Were Amber and I going to be the only ones over 17 there?

We decided to get a little bite to eat before we went to the concert. We ventured to the Gateway and got a little sushi at Happy Sumo. It was so fantastic. I haven't gotten to eat sushi for awhile with the pregnancy and all, so I decided that if the concert was crappy, the night was worth it because of the meal! We finished dinner and had about an hour before the concert started. We had PLENTY of time to get to the E-Center or so we thought! We jump on the freeway and of course I was babbling and missed the exit. So, I decide to get off at the next exit and just head west. Well, I just so happened to pick the exit that had road construction going on. A big sign on the side of the road flashing "ROAD CONSTRUCTION-EXPECT DELAYS". What the ??? Anyway, make another long story short. We FINALLY get there about ten minutes late. I think we only missed one of Chakeezie's (sp?) songs. The show was fantastic! They all sang their own songs except for two and even those were great! I had a great time singing and dancing and yelling alot. My throat was a bit sore and my ears were ringing for a couple days after.

Well I have babbled enough about the night, although I have only written half the story about the night. (Go see Amber's blog, she details it! :)) In short, we stayed after and picked up a few pictures and autographs from the IDOLS. I got a picture with Michael Johns! Yea for me, woo-hoo! Not only is he a total hottie, but he was awesome with the fans! GOOD TIMES!! Thanks Amber for a night to remember! :)

(I got some other pictures of the others, but this was my favorite!! Except for me and my totally cheesy smile!!)

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Alaskan Adventure

I'm pretty pathetic, I have to say. So, when I said in my last blog that pictures of Jeff's trip will be coming soon I guess that means an entire month later. Better late then never right??

Jeff and his friend Randall had a fantastic time fishing in Alaska. They got to fish for four days, one day in the river for salmon and trout and the other three days out on the sea for halibut, cod, and other fish (d0n't remember the names). Jeff loved fishing in the river, that was his favorite part of the trip. The brought home some very tasty salmon, but they couldn't keep any trout, it had to be thrown back. He loved it, the fish fought like crazy and they were BIG!

Fishing for halibut was fun for him, but he was disappointed becuase they didn't catch any "big ones". The first day he didn't think he had the technique, but I guess didn't find it the other days either. :) On one of the days, a guy on their boat pulled in a 130 pound halibut (not pictured here, I do have a picture, crazy big) and he said that was fun to see it, but wishes he was the one that was reeling it in. I know in fishing it's all about the size of the fish, blah...blah...blah but I tell you, it sure tastes amazing!! Done a couple of fish frys, (even invested $30 in a fryer) with the halibut and it is soo good, beer batter and everything! :) We have already made a nice dent in the 65 pounds of fish he brought home.

(These aren't all of their fish, just everything the boat caught for the day)

On their last day they were there, they didn't fish so they had a bit of free time before they had to take their 2 hour drive back to the airport. They decided to go for a little drive and check out a glacier. I asked Jeff if it had a name and he said yes, but didn't remember it. You can't leave Alaska without a picture of a glacier can you?? So, here it is...

I'm glad he had a great time, but I'm looking forward to being able to go with him and the rest of my family back to Alaska on a cruise at the end of August!!

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