Friday, October 29, 2010


Every year, there is a chili cook off that coinsides with our ward halloween party. I have taken home a winning award in the past, but last year was pathetic. I can't believe I even decided to take what I had. I didn't have any red cooking wine that my chili called for, so I was told by a significant other that using red wine vinegar would be fine to substitute ( TOTALLY wasn't!) Anyway, I took the chili and to make a long story wasn't good and I didn't win and maybe just maybe I had a blow to my ego (I know, isn't there always some awkward dish that is brought to EVERY church social event??).

So, back to the present...I decided to sign up again to bring chili again this year and do it right. I signed up a week ago and then just kind of forgot that the bmx races were the same weekend and we wouldn't even be there. Well, saturday at about 1:30pm, I get a call, "I just wanted to give you a quick call, I figure the chili is simmering on your stove right now and you don't need a reminder, but I just thought I would call anyway."

"Umm...yeah, I will make sure it gets there, but we won't be able to make it."

"Oh, thank you so much! We are depending on it!"


Oh CRAP!! I forgot all about it. Races started at 4pm. I had to leave at 3:30 to make it to the race in time. I was SO lucky to have most of the ingredients. I decided to make a couple of changes, surprisingly after what happened last year after taking things into my own hands. It seriously only took about 10 minutes to cut the onions, brown the ground beef and throw the rest of the ingredients in the pot. I didn't expect that it would turn out that great, but I just wanted to make sure I didn't bail on someone that was depending on me.

Well, the next day when I got to relief society, Launi from the activities commitee, told me my stuff was in the kitchen and I had won a prize. WOOHOO!!

I won the kid's choice award! What could be better than that? My kids are so picky and definitely not very easy to please, so being able to bring in that prize was huge for me. Yea me! (Ha!Ha! No need to give me a pat on my back, I'm doing pretty well on my own right??)

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Super AWESOME!!!!!