Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Recovery

Jeff ended up spending eight days in the hospital. There first few days were extremely rough on Jeff and he was probably in more pain than I would ever hope to feel, EVEN with the massive amounts of medication that were being pumped into his body. The doctors actually had placed a spinal block (epidural) in his back that blocked from his waist to just below the heart, that helped control most of the pain. The second night in the hospital was a really tough night. Jeff was really struggling with his breathing and his carbon dioxide levels got dangerously high. He was extremely close to having to have a breathing tube inserted and getting moved to the ICU. I really feel that it was by a miracle that that didn't happen. Day by day, Jeff would do a little better. It took a few days for Jeff to actually be able to stand up and that would completely wipe him out. Physical therapists would come in a couple times a day and work with him. During that week, he also had surgery to repair the collar bone. Jeff had an amazing talented doctor that performed the surgery. He was a VERY quirky guy, who definitely kept us laughing (his intention wasn't really to be funny, but we just couldn't help it)but his talent definitely helped Jeff for the better. The hospital staff was so amazing and took such good care of the both of us. I ended up staying with Jeff the entire 8 days and I will always be so grateful for Dave and Karel who took the kids for a couple days and also for Elysse, who came and spent 5 days with my kids. She took them school clothes shopping and 3 of the 4 kids actually ended up getting sick while she was there. CJ actually threw up all over her. She was such a good sport and I hope that she still chooses to get married and have a family after that trauma!! :D

Speaking of miracles, I really felt like I witnessed so many, not only that week in the hospital, but also in the weeks after. I feel really blessed to have been able to witness the love and concern of SO many friends and family for not only Jeff, but for me and the kids as well. It was so very humbling and overwhelming to know the true meaning of love from others. We definitely felt the prayers from everyone around us. I don't know if I would ever be able to truly describe the gratitude I felt for all the acts of service that were provided for us. Meals were brought in for over 2 weeks, Jeff received blessings, we had many, many visitors and recieved many wonderful gifts. People offered to take the kids, drive the carpool, take the kids to their activities, and the list goes on and on. I know there were so many that wanted to do things, but couldn't because of them not living close enough. Jeff and I had some very special moments in the hospital just reflecting on everything and everyone who had shown concern and love.

It took Jeff a good 6-7 weeks to really get back to feeling his old self. Still 10 weeks after the accident, he probably has about 10 pounds to gain back from the 20 he lost while he was in the hospital.

It is so nice to have him back to normal (for the most part) ha. I'm not going to pretend that I think Jeff will decide that motocross is no longer for him and that he will sell his bike and never ride again. He still has his bike and actually was hoping to be able to go out yesterday for a little while, but thank goodness the weather is bad and he decided not to go. Motocross is a part of who Jeff is. It makes him happy (and as weird as this sounds and I can't believe I think it), but it makes him the wonderful dad and husband he is. Let's just hope this "freak" accident doesn't happen AGAIN!

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Leslie said...

Wow Tami...what a nightmare for you and your family...poor Jeff...You guys are so blessed to have great doctors and people that helped you guys through this trauma!!!