Thursday, November 11, 2010

Not for the Faint of Heart...

So, I'm really at a loss for words...ok, not really. It always seems like I have something to say. I have many thoughts about this, however I just need to maybe keep them to myself until my emotions are not so raw. WAY too many emotions, even a week later.

So, Jeff got hurt again. Yes, you heard it right, it is really not some sick joke. I guess it's just the sick reality. He decided he had recovered from the recent crash enough to go take some laps on the track. Day 1 and 2 back, his friends say he was, "smooth as silk" (whatever!). Day 3 (Nov. 4th)back...not so much.

The day in a nutshell. Went to the track, took some laps, but not where he crashed before, continued, decided he wanted to hit the section he had crashed on in August. Ummm...not a good idea. Went down right in the section as before. Felt like his boot was filling with blood. Friend called the ambulance. Ambulance takes him back to IMC, back to the trauma wing, back to room 2, de ja vu...all over again!

I'm not going to go into detail about my reaction to the call. It's better to let me forget, although I'm sure Elysse and Tiffany will both have it burned into their minds. (I'm so sorry, my sweet sisters, I'm so sorry)

ANYWAY...he broke and dislocated the talus bone in the foot and in the process, broke the tibia as well. The Drs tried twice to reset the bone, but couldn't do it. He was rushed to the OR and had a 3 hour surgery. Spent two days in the hospital and then we took him home. He lasted about 8 hours at home until he got a 101 degree temp and we couldn't control the pain with the meds we had. I had to fight with him for 30 minutes until he decided it was probably a good idea to go back to the hospital, it was probably really the 2 nurses that I talked to that thought it was a good idea to take him back in, when he decided he probably should.
We spent 5 long and rough hours in the ER and then the Dr. decided he needed to be re admitted to keep an eye on him a little longer. Thank goodness the fever broke about 2 hours after we got to the ER and it never came back. Long story short, 2 more days in the hospital and seems like he has some pretty good nerve damage. He doesn't have any feeling on the bottom of his foot and his toes are in constant pain. He says it's like he has been hooked up to an electrical charger and some just keeps shocking him over and over...YUCK!

Here is his foot on the day we brought him home the second time. They had cut off the splint while in the ER and needed to re splint it before we came home. Like I say, this is not a photo for the faint of heart...sorry!

Needless to say, it's been a bit of a rough week. If we don't die, supposedly this will make us stronger. ha :) We'll make it through...eventually. Jeff will have to be non weight bearing on his foot for 3 months. I'm sure this will cause more than slight difficulties for the next few months. Oh well, just need to take it a day at a time. We are survivors!!


Julie Keddington said...

Yikes! Tami, I am so sorry! There is nothing more to say than that.

Leslie said...

Girl, this turned my stomach and it's not hubby...I agree with Julie, so sorry!!!

Jessica O. said...

I am so sorry. I would have rage. Let me know if you need some help. Jack would love to have Parker over anytime.

Joanna said...

I think he needs to stop riding. He is having too much bad luck. You need to have a hubby around! I wish I lived closer to help you!