Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cyber Hackers make me SICK!!

I am slightly on edge today. I was awakened by a telephone call this morning from a concerned friend. She had recieved an email from me saying I was in London and had been robbed and I needed money and blah, blah, blah. I was really glad she called, we talked a minute longer and then finished our call. I decided to pull myself out of bed and head to the computer to see what I needed to do. As, I made my way into the kitchen, Megan had answered my cell phone. She handed it over to me and it happened to be another girlfriend who I don't talk to too much, but she was really concerned about me. "Tami, are you ok? I'm so worried about you, are you really in London??" I let her know that I was ok at home and hadn't been robbed in London. She was on facebook and had an IM message pop up from me. She was having a LIVE conversation with someone and was ready to send the money to me in London. I'm just so glad that she didn't. For the next two hours, I was getting texts and phone calls from wonderful and concerned friends who were worried about me and also just informing me that my email "probably" had been hacked. OH YES IT WAS!

These crazy SOB's somehow got a hold of my password and had changed all the info in both my facebook account and also my email. My fault, I shouldn't have had the same password to both accounts, I just didn't think that anything like this happened. Well, I know it happened...I just didn't think to take precaution. Let me tell you, it is not that simple to get things fixed. It can take 24-72 hours for hotmail to review my information to determine if I'm really who I say I am, so they can reset my password and send it to an email that is safe. I can't really do anything about facebook until I have my email one worked out. I just hate the fact that those $@$#@# hackers have all my friends and family's emails. I'm so sorry to all of you. I should have been more cafeful. Hopefully, it doesn't take long for it to all be fixed!!


Leslie said...

So sorry Tammy...that's so CRAZY!!!

becky comstock said...

What an awful story! I hope Jeff is doing well. Jodi told me she came by and saw you a few weeks ago. I love reading your blog. Your family is so darling!