Monday, September 27, 2010

A Balloon Poppin' Good Time

Today is Megan's 9th birthday, but this girl has had quite the celebration over the last few days. Saturday was the beginning of the festivities with a big friend celebration and it was definitely a PARTY!!
We decided to throw the party at home and I have to say, I really enjoyed planning it. It really was a lot of work, but it was worth it.
The games were a total riot to watch. The first game, the girls each had a balloon around each of their ankles. The goal was to pop the balloons on the other girls' ankles. The last girl with at least one balloon not popped is the winner. There was actually a tie between two of the girls. After 15 minutes, we made them stand in a smaller area. They still couldn't get the popping done, so we had all the girls go after each of them, but that still didn't work. It ended in a stale-mate!

Now, this game was fuunnny! We covered a piece of double bubble gum with whipping cream. The girls couldn't use their hands. They had to search for the gum, get it in their mouth, and the first girl to blow a bubble won. The girls tried and tried, but nobody was really able to get a good bubble blown. They had a great time playing it though and we did choose a winner. It wasn't Megan for the record, but she did blow some good bubbles with a new piece of gum.


Megan and her loot!

We also mod podged frames and had cupcakes and then the girls got to make their own ice cream sundaes. I hope the girls had a good time, because I sure had fun hosting the fun.

Sunday was a celebration with the whole Harris Clan with dinner and singing and then today with just our little family.

Jeff, CJ, and I picked Megan up at school and took her to lunch...her choice, Atlantis Burger. (I love this picture, just Meg and her dad!)

We had spaghetti for dinner. We decided against cakes or cupcakes and just decided to go for ice cream. Coldstone is where it was at!!

I'm really so grateful to have Megan a part of our family. She has her place and no one else would ever be able to fill it how she does. She is growing into such a beautiful girl, both on the inside and out. I got lucky with this girl! Happy Birthday Megs! You are definitely my favorite Megan!!

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Jenny H said...

What a great kid...well deserved of the birthday radius celebrating. Tell Meg happy birthday from Ab and I!!